Monday, 22 February 2010

Stirring the soap pot

I thought I'd show you what my 'work place' looks like:

I've been busy the previous weekend, packaging and labelling my soaps to sell at Craftworld, Westgate. I made four different soaps and after 2 months of curing they were finally ready.

Summer Fling is a summer scent full of summer fruits,
such as raspberries and peaches,
accompanied by the floral notes of magnolia, cyclamen and lilies
and finishing off with lingering white musk.

Sweetgrass, a bright and green scented soap.
Not the herbal grass scent, rather a sweet and fresh summer scent.

Sweet Valentine, which is a sweet and floral soap
with a fruity scent of dew fruit and lychee,
finishing off with a subtle fragrance of lily and geranium.

And Honey, Oats and Milk soap is made
with real milk, oats and manuka honey.
The oats give it an gentle exfoliating effect,
the milk and honey are full of skin soothing properties.

The soaps are available at Craftworld in Westgate (West Auckland).
Or for online shoppers, either at my Etsy store (international orders),


  1. they look way to good to be soaps - they look totally edible! Gorgeous :)

  2. Wow! What gorgeous colours, they look wonderful. I wish I could smell them though ;-)

  3. Hi there, I found you by entering the search term 'my blog' on trademe :) I upcycle furniture and sell it on trademe and currently have my blog address on my profile which is probably not entirely within the trademe rules...I was thinking about putting the blog address on my auction details, as you have. So...I was wondering how long you have been listing your blog address like that, and if you had got into trouble over it. I really don't want to get in trouble but I do want to show off my other projects to give people confidence in my product and (naughty) to chat to me about other stuff they might want painted. I didn't want to post this as a question on your trademe auction for obvious reasons! Thanks alot for your help :) Karen

  4. Manuka Honey is an extremely effective natural healer. More people should know about this.