Sunday, 21 February 2010


Ready for another pattern?

The idea for these little fishies came from my 6 year old boy when he looked after our neighbours kitten. He loved little Cookie and always found new ways of playing with him. I explained that he could use a piece of grass or string and the cat would chase it. And that's where he started to get creative and I started using my knitting skills.

These fishies are easy and fun to knit. They take about 15 minutes, even for a beginner. Like all my patterns, they're very easy to follow and full of photographs to help explain.

And they're not just for the cat. You can make several of them and use them as decoration. Or you can turn them into a fishing game with a fishing rod and a bit of velcro.

The ideas are endless!

Oh and before I forget: you can buy them directly from my blog now. Thanks to Ravelry, the most amazing Knitting Community!

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