Friday, 16 July 2010

Meet Ahsoka

My 6 year old is a huge fan of Star Wars and Clone Wars (a cartoon version of Star Wars). I wanted to surprise him with a knitted version of his favourite character: Ahsoka.

I used the Poppy pattern from Ysolda for the body.

The dress I made a number of sizes smaller, because Ahsoka is a trainee Jedi (Padwan?), and a dress would just get in the way of fighting, right? I also added holes in her hands so she can hold on to her lightsabers, or flowers, when she's feeling particular girlie :-)

The pattern for the doll is really straightforward and I especially liked how Ysolda also isn't a huge fan of sewing
up seams, so this doll is knitted pretty much in one go.
If you're looking for a simple and easy doll pattern that also looks good, definitely get her pattern!

I als had to add head tails (that's what they're called) instead of hair. And after a couple of bad starts I managed to get something that doesn't look too bad. I did forget to add one band of blue on the outside tails, because I was just so concentrated on getting the curvature of the tails right, I totally forgot to switch colours. I also 'tattood' her face with tribal markings like she has in the series.

Going for a walk on the beach together.

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  1. My son's favorite Star Wars Jedi is also Ahsoka! He requested I knit her for his birthday, and I found your blog while looking for hints on how to make her "hair". Great job!