Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Swiss Market

What a turnout! That's the first thing that springs to mind when I have to think about the market today. At times the hall was so packed that you could only shuffle forwards. I think every one was hoping for a good day, but this was really unbelievable. People turned up all the way from Hamilton and even Tauranga. Imagine that!

So what am I talking about? The Swiss Market was the first market organised by the Swiss Club in Auckland, New Zealand. And it was an opportunity for Swiss people living in Auckland to showcase their products or to sell typical Swiss products. There was cheese (of course), yummy bakery goods, beautiful Swiss style carvings, a good friend was selling her famous gingerbread products, I had sauerkraut next to me and there was so much more. The food stalls nearly all sold out at the end of the day.

I did pretty good too, and am pleased with the day. Tired but very happy.

I was surprised that the soaps were the number one sellers. Usually it's the Manuka Healing Balm or the moisturisers, but it seemed today was all about soap. I made a special Helvetia soap for the Swiss market, where I tried to capture the scent of Switzerland in winter: pine forests, Christmas markets, Gluehwein, apres ski :-) Those soaps were all gone by midday.

Another soap that went really well was called 'Dornroesli' which is Sleeping Beauty in german. It's a soap poured in a rose mold with some of the soaps all rosy pink coloured and some had a pink flower and green leaves. The scent I tried to create for that one was one of magic - the moment when Sleeping Beauty falls under the spell and the roses start growing around the castle to hide it from view.

And a new soap called Celebration (champagne, bubbly, celebration) went really well especially with the male customers. I did say that it was a soap and contained no alcohol, but they liked it nonetheless. Hm.... maybe I should bring back my beer soap? Not sure if my dear husband will let me 'borrow' one of his beers. LOL

So overall a great day and I hope they'll do another one towards Christmas.

Thanks to all to came and visited my stand! And I hope you all enjoy your soaps :-)

PS sorry about the quality of the photos, I only had my iPhone with me to take pictures.

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  1. What a slection - shame I missed the Market, then again I live in HAwkes Bay...

    I would like to smell those lovely looking soaps and creams, too. bet it would be worth the travel.

    Lovely website too.
    Salut, Katja