Saturday, 8 May 2010

New Lacy Neck Warmer

A few weeks ago I received my beautiful Blendy Box and to my surprise it had 2 whole balls of wool in it. I was thrilled to have gotten a ball of Zealana wool which is 40% possum and 60% NZ merino.

Possum is an amazing wool. The hairs are hollow on the inside making it especially insulating, which is how possums keep warm. Another animal with such unusual fur are polar bears. Unfortunately I don't think polar bears are quite as accommodating to parting with their fur.

Anyway, as soon as I held my possum wool in the hand, I knew exactly what I wanted to make from it. A lacy neck warmer.

It's knitted in three parts, a technique I learned from Anne Hanson, which I thought was quite clever. First you knit the bottom edge, then you pick up stitches from the top edge and lastly you knit the button sides. The nice thing about it is that there is no sewing up to do.

It took a while to come up with a nice pattern. I wanted cables and lace, and I wanted a nice edging to go with the cables and lace pattern. Also I wanted it to be rather fine even though I was using DK weight.
And then lastly I needed the right buttons to go with my Victorian style, lacy neck warmer.

The pattern is part of my Outside the Box collection which is available exclusively from Ravelry.

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