Monday, 11 January 2010

Love Hearts

The past week I've been knitting lots and lots of hearts! These are just the ones from the last Wednesday.

I wanted to design a heart pattern that didn't need any sewing up and you could knit in one go. I also wanted it to look good both felted and unfelted.

It took me a while to tweak the corners and get the heart all nicely rounded and tidy.

As you can see the hot pink heart behind the light pink heart is one of my earlier prototypes. It still looks a bit bumpy. But the light pink heart is how it should be: all nice and round.

I'm going to felt the rest of them and sell them at Craftworld (Westgate, Auckland).

The pattern (free) is now up at Ravelry: Love Hearts


  1. I can't wait to make these! Great idea and lovely pattern.

  2. These are very cool! I'm impressed - but then I'm easily impressed by people's knitting, as I can't do anything but follow a pattern - and even then I make untold mistakes!